Our breeds

Our breeds all over the world

CRV has breeding programs for many different dairy and beef breeds, in countries all over the world. These programs result in genetics that farmers can use to create cows that are highly productive, healthier and more fertile. They also live longer and sustain high lifetime production. As a farmer you can make the best genetic mix to suit your breeding goal.

The map below shows where we have our breeding programs. It also shows were we are active via daughter companies or local distributors.


Easy to manage, long lasting cows with fewer problems, that produce milk with high fat & protein and with excellent feed conversion.


Robust, healthy breed that excels in fitness and efficiency and is suitable for crossbreeding.


Strong, problem-free, Red&White dual-purpose breed with high protein milk.

Jersey US

Long living and attractive Jerseys that convert feed efficiently into component rich milk.

Jersey NZ (grazing)

Efficient and fertile Jersey breed that produces valuable milk.

Friesian NZ (grazing)

Superior, robust Friesian breed that converts grass efficiently into valuable milk.


Robust breeds that produce and perform well in tropical conditions.