Chinese farmers are enthusiastic about CRV

Farm visit Yili Hohhot

China is a country with great potential, especially in the field of dairy farming. Recently, some CRV colleagues visited this Asian country to provide trainings. Both parties are enthusiastic to work together.

CRV is doing business in about 70 countries all over the world and China is one of the so called ‘focus countries’, which means that this country has much potential for CRV. Bart Dronkert (area manager) and Gert-Jan van den Bosch (herd management specialist) have recently visited some farms in China to give a training.
‘We were on the JunYing Dairy farm of Mrs. Ouyan, a farm with about 6.000 cows’, says Bart. ‘Mrs. Ouyan had already visited The Netherlands to see some cows. During her visit she said: ‘I also want that kind of cows’.’
Therefore her farm was one of the farms Gert-Jan and Bart visited during their stay in China. ‘In China, the focus shifts gradually from a high milk production to other points, like efficiency, fat and protein levels and durability’, Bart explains. ‘Milk prices are generally good, but the cost price is also high, especially of roughage, which is imported from Australia or the United States.’

Bedrijfsbezoek New Hope Kunming

Farm visit New Hope Kunming

Trouble-free farming
Health is also a focus point, according to the area manager of CRV. ‘Ketosis, mastitis and claw problems are mentioned very often. Therefore, we focused really on efficiency and health during the training. We explained that breeding is underestimated very often, but in particular it is a very good tool to take your herd to a higher level.’

During the training Better Life Health and Better Life Efficiency were explained to the public. ‘These breeding values work very well in Chinese circumstances. When the size of the farms grow, like in China, the need for easy-to-manage cows is also increasing. Better Life Health and Better Life Efficiency are a very appropriate response to this need.’

The trainings were well appreciated by the Chinese farmers. They appreciated being informed about the excellent opportunities to reach their individual breeding goal. Bart is looking back on a successful trip: ‘That’s the strength of our company’s  philosophy. Wherever we come in the world, almost every farmer can recognize himself in it.’

Training at Jungyin Farm

Training at Jungyin Farm