De Rith Nora 265 produces 200,000 kg of milk


De Rith Nora 265 smashed the barrier of 200,000 kg of milk today. The Addison daughter, who is owned by Adrion and Lisette van Beek from Breda, is the fourth cow in the Netherlands to achieve this amazing milestone.

Nora is much cleverer than her herd mates

Nora will be 19 years old this month. She has clocked up 12 milk yield records and took a total of 5457 days to reach the magic figure of 200,000 kg of milk. Nora was bred by Jos Peeters, Lisette van Beek’s father. She has spent her entire life at the De Rith dairy farm. Measuring just 143 cm in height, she is now the smallest cow in the barn, but her limited stature has never stood in the way of her performance. ‘Quite the opposite in fact. She has always been extremely fit and agile. And’, and here is her secret, according to Adrion van Beek, ‘she’s much cleverer than her herd mates. She avoids getting caught up in the crowd, and carefully plans her route in advance.’

With a pedigree that includes Addison, Marconi, Sunny Boy, Botermijn 728, Ned Boy and Rocket, Nora was destined for durability. ‘Dutch bulls with American milk producing genes’, says Adrion, who heaps praise on Nora for her strong legs and impressive udders.


Enormous persistency

Nora scored 83 points as a heifer, but she was re-registered as a 15-year-old, so that with her 88 points, with 91 for legs, she was eligible for the ‘star cow 3’ predicate. Adrion believes that Nora’s enormous persistency in particular has propelled her all the way to 200,000 kg of milk.  ‘She didn’t peak at 60 kg but steadily maintained an output of 50 kg per day for months on end. Today’s milk recording session brought Nora’s final tally to over 200.000 kg of milk with 4.04% fat and 3.30% protein.


Fourth cow in the Netherlands to produce 200,000 kg

Her achievement follows in the success of Big Boukje 192, owned by the Knoef family in Geesteren, Dora 442, owned by Corné and Anne-Marie Machielsen in Prinsenbeek and Minke 64, owned by the Ubachs family in Epen, who all smashed the barrier of 200,000 kg of milk. De Rith Nora 265 becoming the fourth Dutch cow with this illustrious performance has a special personal significance for Adrion van Beek. ‘My parents’ farm was home to the fourth cow in the Netherlands to pass the 100,000 kg mark! It’s quite incredible that Nora has now done the same, but in the 200,000 kg category.’