Varta: the new #1 daughter proven Fleckvieh bull

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Varta is the new #1 daughter proven Fleckvieh bull! 

This Valeur son fits perfectly when you’re breeding for a healthy and efficient, while he scores +5% for Better Life Health and +6% for Better Life Efficiency. His daughters are top producers (+853 kg of milk) with 0.03% for protein.

A remarkable feature is his unmistakable dual-purpose profile that the combines with positive health traits. Varta daughters will have an average stature with good muscularity (106) and good udders (117). This makes him absolutely perfect for the first generation cross when you want to use this bull for crossbreeding as well as for purebred Fleckvieh purposes.

Varta breeding values

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Varta daughter Cascade

Varta daughter Cascade