The best ever grazing genetics portfolio

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Triplestar daughter

The grazing portfolio for this season has been bolstered by the addition of the highest new proven and Insire genetics CRV Ambreed has to offer. The addition of top 5 indexing bulls like Jersey sire TRIPLESTAR and Friesian sire RAVEN is a clear example of the quality available.

Farmer favourites like PHONIC, VIKING and DIESEL are again part of the team. All three bulls are calving ease and use on maiden heifers would have driven their demand.

Phonic daughter

New to the Friesian team is high indexing sire RUSSO. He graduated in February 2017 and has been one of the most popular Friesian sires in New Zealand this spring. He is a moderate milk flow and high component sire. His low live weight daughters make him ideal for use in a crossbred herd or a Friesian herd to bring down size. High fertility, smaller calves and short gestation length are additional benefits from this exiting sire.

Tralee Mint Russo-ET

Friesian-Cross sire BOOMA was one of our most popular crossbred bulls last year and will again be available.

New Insire TARARUA was one of our most popular crossbred sires in New Zealand and will have his fans in the UK. He scores high for both Efficiency (7%) and Health (4%) and is a great example of our philosophy. His daughters have tremendous udders and with positive body conditions scores look to be cows that are easy to manage.


Our strong Jersey line-up is now even stronger with the addition of the no. 1 New Zealand Jersey graduate in 2017, TRIPLESTAR. Demand was such that he sold out midway through the season in New Zealand. We have secured stock for the UK, but do expect demand to outstrip supply here too. Customers wanting to tighten their calving pattern should look at new addition PHOTON. At -8 his calves are born on average 4 days earlier, potentially shaving almost a week of your calving!

Photon daughter