Changes breeding value estimation December 2016


With the breeding value estimation of December 2016 no changes have been made to the Dutch national breeding value estimation. An overview of the international changes can be found below.

International News

USA, JER: Added rear teat placement for Jerseys
Switzerland, BSW: Changed the trait definition from FUL to FUA.
France, BSW: Changed the trait definition from FUA to FUL.
Italy, BSW: Change in trait definition for FUA (now sent as FUL) and RTP (now sent as TDI)

Denmark, Finland, Sweden, HOL/RDC: For calving traits Animal Model is introduced. The method for calculating reliability and EDC has been changed. Sweden has registered calving ease in both a two and a four step scale.

Denmark, Finland, Sweden,  HOL/JER/RDC: In heifer conception rate and cow conception rate, the trait definition changed from non-return rate to conception rate. The whole editing process of the fertility data has been renovated. For Finland, pregnancy control results are now available in the data set, improving the correct phenotyping of the animals. Parameters to prolong records in progress and open cases for interval first-last insemination have been updated. Swedish heifer data have been changed after correcting an error in the data process. In the new data, more heifers with poor phenotypic fertility values are included having also an impact on e.g. interval first-last insemination ebvs through genetic correlations. Swedish and Finnish Jersey cows have been included in the Jersey evaluation.
Canada HOL/RDC/JER/BSW/GUE: Started using pregnancy check data to determine conception dates when calculating the interval between first service and conception. Parameters were re-estimated which also included a much longer data history than the previous estimated. For many of the traits there was a considerable drop in the heritability which resulted in change in proofs and reliability

Denmark, Finland, Sweden, HOL: New standardization procedure and introduction of a polygenic effect of 10% in the genomic model.
Poland, HOL: New method of estimating GEBV with polygenic effect. Included new method of calculating PI and its accuracy and  reliability of DGV. Whole EuroGenomic reference population has been used.