CRV Avoncroft adds three Genomic bulls to its portfolio.


Delta Relevant (Buisweerd Mobile X Vekis Chevrolet).

Relevant is a great example of what CRV Avoncroft can offer UK Dairy Farmers, with the modern dairy herd looking for a good all round bull. Relevant offers + 557kgs Milk, + 0.09% Fat and + 0.10% Protein.  The main reason that Relevant will be a very popular bull is that not only the fact that he is a milk bull with components. He offers great medium stature, combined with great strength. The bull comes from the Famous Rita cow family, which is same family which has in past given us great bulls like Applause, Browning. Relevant is also a A2A2 Beta Casein bull.

Delta Relevant (Buisweerd Mobile)  eig: CRV, Arnhem

Delta Relevant

Delta Beatbox (Delta Amigo X Fanatic)

Beatbox is a great example of what CRV Avoncroft can offer the increasing number of robot farms in the UK. The main criteria of a robot are cows which have correct teat positioning. With good width of rear and side teat positioning and teat length. Temperament and milking speed are also important. Beatbox also has also great milk and components: +305 kgs Milk, + 0.09% Fat and + 0 .12% Protein. Beatbox has  a total outcross pedigree. With a great fertility of +8.4 Beatbox daughters will be in your herd for many years.

Delta Beatbox (Delta Amigo) eig: CRV, Arnhem

Delta Beatbox

Rijnhof DG Spitfire (MS Riverboy X Seagull Bay Supersire).

Spitfire is a great addition to our Red & White portfolio. With a PLI of £ 576, Spitfire will be the second highest PLI Red & White bull being available. With the highest being his stable mate, Delta Norbert at £611. Spitfire offers great milk at + 351kgs, + 0.09% Fat and +0.10% Protein. Spitfire comes from the great Red & White fAugust Cow family, which is one of the most sought after Red & White cow families in the world. Spitfire will produce medium sized daughters with great strength, which will appeal to many UK Dairy Farms.

BTS Avea Red (v: Detox)  gehuistvest bij : VOF Schoonhoven-van de Werfhorst, Noordeinde Gld

BTS Avea Red, granddam of Spitfire