Efficient dairy cows with high ranking Fleckvieh bulls


April’s index run shows CRV’s progress in breeding for efficient cows with great longevity. Wobbler, Walk, Perfekt and Varta are impressive bulls for Fleckvieh breeders wanting to use the full potential of their farms’ production capacity.

Wobbler (Watnox x Mandela, 135 TMI)

Firmly holds his strong position in the rankings, thanks to his very productive daughters. His breeding value for milk production now amounts to +1,067 kg, with a score of +8% for Better Life Efficiency. Wobbler breeds cows with mid-sized frames, very good feet and legs (109) and fine udders (107). Scoring +6% for Better Life Health, with great scores for longevity (116), udder health (109) and calving ease (119), Wobblers’ daughters are a pleasure to milk.

Walk (Wat X Bfg Raumut)

For the customer that doesn’t want tall cows, he boasts (124) total udder score being exceptional for front and rear teat position (126) and (120) respectively. Walk has great Management/Health scores: 114 for udder health, 113 for somatic cell score, 118 for daughter fertility.

Walk (v.Watt)


Perfekt (Pandora X Hutera)

Perfekt will breed cows that will carry more frame scoring (113),  Legs and Feet (118) after seeing the bull in the flesh he was great on his legs; he walked very well and he was very strong through the pasterns,123 for Udder. He also boasts 1,134 Kgs Milk, 72 Kgs Fat & Protein. He will breed cows that will be very efficient (8%). His grandmother has produced already 10,200kgs Milk with 3.82% protein which shows a promising bull for the cheese market.

Perfekt (v:Pandora)


Varta (Valeur x Vogt, 139 gGZW) climbed the rankings and now stands just behind Walk in the runner-up position. Varta inherits lots of milk (+1095 kg) and a fantastic efficiency (Better Life Efficiency +11%) to his offspring. With a great fitness score of 121 his daughters will also be healthy and easy to manage.