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‘A high protein content is no coincidence.’

The sky-high components of InSire Top Bull De Leenhorst E-Profit do not come out of nowhere. The cow family behind the bull is responsible for high protein percentages, generation after generation. On top of this, dairy farmer Jan Schieven has been using bulls that guarantee premium milk for thirty years.... read more ›

Impressive CRV progeny groups at NRM 2019

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Our progeny- and  theme groups at the NRM 2019 have given a good impression of how CRV genetics can improve the health and efficiency of your herd. On Friday June 28, CRV showed 3 progeny groups and two theme groups.  Next to many visitors from The Netherlands, also the international... read more ›

CM publishes article about the history of CRV

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In the CowManagement edition of June/July 2019 there’s published an interesting background article about our company: ‘CRV works around the clock’. CRV Avoncroft is not only a company in the UK, it is part of the globally operating CRV. The article published is the first in a series of articles... read more ›

New homepage!

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Welcome on our new homepage! At this new homepage you can find your way more easily. The menu on the top remains unchanged, so you can still find everything as usual. As you know, CRV wants to help you to breed the most healthy and efficient herd as possible. Those... read more ›