HerdOptimizer GO now available in 10 countries

category Breeding
Last year CRV introduced the breeding concept HerdOptimizer GO internationally. The tool gives farmers easy insight in the genetic potential of their herd by means of female genotyping. After a successful pilot period the concept is now used in 10 countries. CRV’s breeding concept HerdOptimizer GO grows rapidly The... read more ›

Efficient CRV bulls with high components and fewer problems

category Breeding
The index run of April 2021 confirms that consistent breeding for efficient and healthy cows pays dividends. CRV’s portfolio has been strengthened and broadened with the addition of bulls that guarantee robust, highly productive and efficient daughters with high components, without any problems. CRV is proud to have been the... read more ›

CRV introduces breeding value intelligence

category Other
During the April index run, CRV will introduce the new breeding value ‘intelligence’. This will enable farmers to effectively breed with a focus on intelligent cows. ‘All farmers know there is a difference in intelligence between cows. Some cows learn new things much faster than others’, says Tonnie Vissers, herd... read more ›

Holstein in Europe: 60 young bulls out of 10 million cows

category Breeding
From 12,000 embryos to 60 young bulls each year. CRV’s European Holstein breeding programme is characterised by transparency, high numbers and strict selection. This allows CRV to maximise the input of genetic progress in the population. And offer farmers a varied range of top-quality bulls that guarantee healthy cows able... read more ›

Significantly less hormones and reinseminations

category Ovalert
At ZOD Borovany people have more time for animals, because reproduction has been for nearly two years watched over by Ovalert. Reproduction problems ­„We had to solve reproduction problems with our heifers,“ Ondřej Kubala starts his story. „First step we had made was barn reconstruction in 2018, but we wanted... read more ›