CRV looks proudly ahead with its renewed logo

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For over 100 years, CRV has cooperated with farmers all over the world to improve their herds. This rich tradition forms the foundation of CRV.  Throughout these years, data has been collected from millions of cows. This data provides a reliable basis for the development of genetics and information products... read more ›
feed efficiency

CRV introduces breeding value feed efficiency

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In December, CRV is introducing a new breeding value for its own bulls, which will enable a targeted and direct way to breed for feed efficiency. The index indicates how much more milk is produced by daughters of a particular bull using a kilogram of dry matter feed intake, compared... read more ›
Jos Knoef

Figures confirmed: Dutch cows produce more milk and becoming older and healthier

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For years, the Netherlands has ranked among the best in class in terms of milk production per cow. Last year, a record for lifetime production was reached averaging 34,000 litres. Our recently published annual statistics reveal that higher production does not compromise the length of a cow’s life. The milk... read more ›
Breeding Sales advisors

Looking a new challenge? CRV Breeding Sales Advisor

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CRV is one of the leading herd improvement companies in the world, with offices in 12 countries and exporting semen to over 50 countries. As part of our future plan, exciting opportunities have arisen at CRV Avoncroft for a number of: BREEDING SALES ADVISORS Profile You will be enthusiastic, self-motivated and ethical –... read more ›

De Rith Nora 265 produces 200,000 kg of milk

De Rith Nora 265 smashed the barrier of 200,000 kg of milk today. The Addison daughter, who is owned by Adrion and Lisette van Beek from Breda, is the fourth cow in the Netherlands to achieve this amazing milestone. Nora is much cleverer than her herd mates Nora will be... read more ›