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Tackle ketosis at the source

It is probably a familiar situation: the cow that always produces a lot of milk is under the weather at the start of the lactation period. Her milk production is down, she has a poor appetite and looks lethargic. All the alarm bells ring. Are these symptoms a sign of ketosis?

Prevention is better than cure is a saying that certainly applies to ketosis. Providing an optimal feed ration can prevent a great deal of trouble, but even so some cows are more susceptible than others. As the condition is hereditary, you may have certain cow families that are more prone to ke…

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Convincing figures prove practical value of Better Life figures

CRV’s Better Life figures are proving to be highly effective in significantly improving the technical results of herds. Irrefutable proof has been provided by analysis of 61,000 animals on almost 300 farms in the Netherlands and Belgium.
CRV introduced the Better Life figures in 2013 as practical indicators aimed at helping farmers breed efficient, easy-to-manage herds. Each CRV bull is scored for these traits. Large-scale analysis in practical situations has revealed the huge value of these figures for breeding purposes.

Higher lifetime production per cow
The eff…

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