Peak Hotline

Hotline: number one daughter proven type bull

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Peak Hotline is the number ONE daughter proven type bull in the UK. And that is not the only thing he has to offer: great production and management traits.

Peak Hotline is a popular bull internationally from CRV’s strong American portfolio. His daughters are fantastic, which is also reflected by his listing in the top 10 TPI of daughter proven bulls (2727 TPI). In addition, he also holds the leading position for conformation in the top 100 TPI (3.45 PTAT). And in the UK he is even the number one daughter proven bull for type!

Check Hotline’s breeding values in ou…

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Average lifetime production per cow leaps by more than 1200 kg

A huge leap forward in the lifetime production achieved by cows at culling has been revealed in the 2018-2019 financial year. Compared with the previous financial year, lifetime production has increased by 1210 kg of milk and 96 kg of fat and protein. This is the first time that such a significant difference has been shown in two consecutive financial years. At culling, Dutch cows now note lifetime production that averages 31,553 kg of milk, with 1371 kg of fat and 1120 kg of protein. A combination of a longer productive life and higher milk production is behind this i…

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Impressive CRV progeny groups at NRM 2019

category Genetics, Shows

Our progeny- and  theme groups at the NRM 2019 have given a good impression of how CRV genetics can improve the health and efficiency of your herd. On Friday June 28, CRV showed 3 progeny groups and two theme groups. 

Next to many visitors from The Netherlands, also the international guests invited by CRV has visited the CRV booth and the presentations in the show ring. On the Facebook page of CRV Global Sales you can find several pictures and videos of the progeny groups and pictures of the booth. Below we will also look back on the progeny and theme groups, with v…

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New catalogues available

The new catalogues of the August index run are available now! Take a look at the sire page for the new Holstein, Fleckvieh and MRY catalogue.

New additions

We of course added some new bulls to our portfolio with the August index run. Jacuzzi, Reloader, Champion, Skyline, Hotline and Lunar are the latest additions to the Holstein portfolio. Jacuzzi for example is the highest Red&White bull of the list and. Jacuzzi pushes the boundaries in terms of extreme components and his daughters will be extremely efficient (Better Life Efficiency +23%).

[caption id=”at…

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New Fleckvieh catalogue

Fleckvieh cows are healthy, hardy and very adaptable to different geographical and climatic conditions. Easy calving, good fertility and a long productive life are, besides the high performance potential for milk and beef, the basis for efficient
production. Very good conformation of udders and feet and legs together with the medium body size of animals is ideal with respect to longevity and feed efficiency. And that’s exactly what can be found in the new Fleckvieh catalogue! The complete Fleckvieh bull package for CRV Avoncroft can be seen here.

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