Index run

High ranking Fleckvieh bulls to boost economic results

With Walk firmly holding the number one position in the Fleckvieh rankings, CRV introduces the new number two: Varta. These bulls will give a tremendous boost to future herd economics, as will their daughter proven colleagues Wildgast, Waidhaus and Riaza.
The index run of 6 December shows great results for CRV‘s Fleckvieh bulls. Well known sires like Raldi, Wobbler and Mungo have sustained their strong positions and Walk has held onto his number one position at 145 gGZW.
Varta (Valeur x Vogt, 139 gGZW) climbed the rankings and now stands just behind Walk in the runne…

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Solid foundation for a better financial future

With milk prices rising, farmers can gradually start to repair the economic damage. The choice of bulls today lays the firm foundations for the financial results of tomorrow. CRV’s line up of bulls is ready and waiting to play an important role. Danno, the world’s highest ranking daughter proven bull, is an outstanding example.


World class black-and-white daughter proven bulls

Numbering almost 10,000 daughters in his breeding values for production, Delta G-Force (Man-O-Man x Jordan, 255 NVI) continues his impressive track-record. His daughters are very …

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Changes breeding value estimation December 2016

With the breeding value estimation of December 2016 no changes have been made to the Dutch national breeding value estimation. An overview of the international changes can be found below.

International News

USA, JER: Added rear teat placement for Jerseys
Switzerland, BSW: Changed the trait definition from FUL to FUA.
France, BSW: Changed the trait definition from FUA to FUL.
Italy, BSW: Change in trait definition for FUA (now sent as FUL) and RTP (now sent as TDI)

Denmark, Finland, Sweden, HOL/RDC: For calving traits Animal Model is i…

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The breeding program that goes for gold

Efficiency, components, health, conformation and fertility; CRV’s bulls are truly going for gold in August’s index run. In addition, many bulls are also achieving amazingly high scores for Better Life Health and Better Life Efficiency; breeding values that practical studies prove to lead to better performances and higher profitability. Danno, Browning, Antidote, Chuck and Nova Star are exemplary of bulls that place the bar high in breeding.

Among black-and-white bulls, Delta Bookem Danno (Bookem x Bolton, 345 NVI) is the first to start making a name for himself. Al…

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Changes breeding value estimation August 2016

Below an overview of the changes made in the national breeding value estimation and also an overview of the changes that are made in other countries.


The requirement for animals to have a reliability of at least 30% has become lower. From now on, animals need a reliability of at least 25% to get a breeding value.


International news

Slovakia, HOL: For calving ease (direct and maternal) the scale of the breeding values was reversed.



Germany, HOL: Bulls older than 17 months and not selected yet have been removed from the …

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