‘A high protein content is no coincidence.’

The sky-high components of InSire Top Bull De Leenhorst E-Profit do not come out of nowhere. The cow family behind the bull is responsible for high protein percentages, generation after generation. On top of this, dairy farmer Jan Schieven has been using bulls that guarantee premium milk for thirty years.

“If you want to achieve something in breeding, you have to be consistent,” says dairy farmer Jan Schieven with conviction. In partnership with his wife Anja and with the help of his parents, he runs a dairy farm in Baak in the province of Gelderland with around 100…

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CM publishes article about the history of CRV

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In the CowManagement edition of June/July 2019 there’s published an interesting background article about our company: ‘CRV works around the clock’. CRV Avoncroft is not only a company in the UK, it is part of the globally operating CRV. The article published is the first in a series of articles about CRV.
History and background information
The first article contains an overview about the history and background information of CRV. Economies of scale and mergers were commonplace in CRV’s history, which began in 1874 with the founding of a herd book in The Netherlands.

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New homepage!

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Welcome on our new homepage! At this new homepage you can find your way more easily. The menu on the top remains unchanged, so you can still find everything as usual.

As you know, CRV wants to help you to breed the most healthy and efficient herd as possible. Those Health and Efficiency themes can now be found easily via the homepage. If you click further, you can read all about our Better Life breeding values for health and efficiency, with which you can quickly select the best bulls. Or, for example, read more about Ovalert or SireMatch.
Bull search
The ‘bull se…

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New Holstein catalogue

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With the last indexrun again some nice new bulls are added to our portfolio! 

New in CRV Avoncroft’s portfolio are Dazzel, Moutard and Nilson. Manders Dazzel is a Black&White genomic bull with extreme production figures (585kgs milk with +0.17% fat and +0.05% protein) and an outcross pedigree. Delta Moutard Red is a Red&White genomic bull with extreme components (+0.25% fat and +0.16% protein). Moutard also has an outcross pedigree (Bram rf x Cupido x Jerudo) and his daughters will have excellent udders and easy calvings.

Also new in our portfolio is daug…

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NEW CRV Avoncroft New Zealand genetics catalogue

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The new CRV Avoncroft New Zealand genetics catalogue is now available! Are you looking for a good grazing bull, Holstein or Jersey? Check the new catalogue below.

CRV Avoncroft – Ambreed catalogue 2018

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