CowManagement publishes Breeding Series

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The CRV Avoncroft, based in Kidderminster, is part of the globally operating organisation CRV. CowManagement publishes a series of articles about CRV, to highlight exactly what this livestock improvement organisation does and why.

History and background information

The first article contains an overview about the history and background information of CRV. Economies of scale and mergers were commonplace in CRV’s history, which began in 1874 with the founding of a herd book in The Netherlands.

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Unique features

The second article highlights efficiency and high lifetime production. Health and efficiency are the key drivers in CRV’s breeding programme. And the focus on improving these figures yields results.

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Following articles in CowManagement

In following editions there will be published more articles. These articles will tell about the unique features of CRV, CRV’s breeding programmes and our products SireMatch and Ovalert.