New Holstein catalogue

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Stellando daughters Betsie 107 and Roza 417

With the last indexrun again some nice new bulls are added to our portfolio! 

New in CRV Avoncroft’s portfolio are Dazzel, Moutard and Nilson. Manders Dazzel is a Black&White genomic bull with extreme production figures (585kgs milk with +0.17% fat and +0.05% protein) and an outcross pedigree. Delta Moutard Red is a Red&White genomic bull with extreme components (+0.25% fat and +0.16% protein). Moutard also has an outcross pedigree (Bram rf x Cupido x Jerudo) and his daughters will have excellent udders and easy calvings.

Also new in our portfolio is daughter proven bull D’n Driehoek Nilson. Nilson’s daughters will have extreme components, excellent udders and excellent locomotion.

You can find the new catalogue here.


Wietske 95, Nilson Daughter