Product benefits

  • accurate heat detection
  • SireMatch integration
  • monitors for possible health problems 24/7


Keep an eye on every animal

Scale increases and a drive towards efficiency are the prevalent trends in the dairy farming industry. This makes it a constant challenge to keep account of individual animals. How can you keep an eye on them 24 hours a day? How can you keep them healthy with good fertility results? Ovalert detects and identifies health and fertility signals earlier and more effectively than the human eye. It functions as your sixth sense to make your herd more efficient and easier to manage.

Smarttag leg with standing and lying monitoring  CRV Ovalert Stappenteller

The Smarttag Leg measures the behavior of the cow, such as:

  • the time a cow spends lying per day
  • the number of times a cow stands up per day
  • the number of steps a cow takes per day

The Smarttag Leg records the behaviour of an animal around lying, standing and walking. Besides heat detection, changes in the patterns can also be an indication for health problems such as lameness.

Smarttag Neck with eating monitoring CRV Ovalert halsband

The Smarttag Neck measures the eating behavior of the cow, such as:

  • Eating time
  • Eating moment
  • Hours of not eating

The Smarttag Neck records the time each day an animal takes in roughage or grazes each day. Changes in this eating behaviour indicate there may be something wrong with the animal and that it needs further attention. The neck tag also enables you to keep an extra close eye on your animals during the vulnerable period around calving, when they are more susceptible to diseases due to changes in their environment, feed, energy balance and stress.

Smarttag All in One with rumination CRV Ovalert Smarttag VRIJ

The Smarttag All in One monitors:

  • Rumination
  • Eating time
  • Eating moment
  • Hours of not eating

This all in one neck tag is the most complete tag available for monitoring the health and fertility of your herd. It functions in a similar way to the Smarttag neck, but also includes rumination observation. In addition, this tag can be combined with the cow positioning system.

Beacons for cow positioningBeacon antenne Ovalert

The cow positioning system registers the position of individual animals using the Smarttag All in One. The tag receives signals from beacons hanging in the barn. The tag then transmits signals to the central antenna. Using this data, the computer calculates the position of each cow with an accuracy of one metre. You can easily see the position of each specific animal on your smartphone, tablet or PC.

The infographic below shows how the Ovalert system works.

icoon tochtdetectie

  1. The Smarttag registers the movement and behaviour of the individual animal. Data collected in the last 24 hours is stored in the Smarttag.
  2. When the animals are within the range of the antenna, all data from the Smarttag is collected.
  3. The ID controller transmits the collected data to the heart of the system: the process controller which continually analyses the data.
  4. The analysis results can be viewed on your smartphone, tablet or PC. The system immediately provides an alert relating to heat detection, abnormalities in the eating or rumination pattern and abnormalities in standing-lying behaviour or activity.
  5. Beacons in the barn send signals to all tags regarding their current location in the barn.

The Ovalert performance interface, the online system from Ovalert, provides a quickk and clear overview of both your entire herd and the individual animals. Which animals need attention? Which animals need to be inseminated today? The alerts show abnormalities in the behaviour of your cows. Through a clear interface, you will receive all alerts generated by the Smarttags. The alerts can also be viewed on your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Heat detection

These screens show which cows are in heat and need to be inseminated. The white indicator shows which stage of heat the cow is in.

Heat detection - attentions


Tocht detailgrafiekkopie


Ovalert supports SireMatch mating advice. Ovalert provides mating advice for each animal in heat. This is possible by integrating SireMatch and Ovalert. Thanks to this combination your health fertility and breeding management becomes one, automated process. SireMatch is a mating program that supports professional producers in their breeding choices and makes them more successful.

Animals to check today

This overview shows which animals need to be checked because of abnormalities in their behaviour patterns. The animal in this example shows a drop in eating and rumination time and an increased inactivity. This can be an indication for a health problem, like lameness, mastitis or a nutritional disorder.

Animals to check

Group in lactation

This overview shows the behaviour of the entire group of lactating animals throughout time. Unexpected drops in eating time or activity are easily spotted.

Health and management

Fewer health problems

  • Health signals will be detected (especially important in the transition period
  • Lower risk of sick cows and heifers
  • Lower veterinary costs and lower culling
  • Higher average herd age
  • Extra milk/cow, higher efficiency

Better fertility results

  • Optimal detection of heat
  • Insemination at the right moment
  • Higher conception rate
  • Lower insemination costs and optimal calving interval
  • Extra milk/cow, higher efficiency

Reliable breeding values are the basis for sustainable breeding.
Dairy farmers Jos and Ingrid Knoef, Geesteren, The Netherlands

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