Product benefits

  • Fewer health issues
  • Better fertility results

Ovalert – Your sixth sense 

Scale increase and a drive towards efficiency are the prevalent trends in the dairy farming industry. This makes it a constant challenge to keep account of individual animals. How can you keep an eye on them 24 hours a day? How can you keep them healthy with good fertility results? Ovalert detects and identifies health and fertility signals earlier and more effectively than the human eye.

It functions as your sixth sense to make your herd more efficient and easier to manage.

Ovalert in a nutshell

Hundreds of farmers are discovering the added value of Ovalert health and fertility management. Ovalert does much more than simply measure activity. In a nutshell:

24/7 registration of activity (neck or leg sensor)
Heat behaviour
Health signals
Easy to install
Personal guidance by experts
Link to SireMatch
Option to link to other CRV herd management solutions

Ovalert automates the detection of health problems and manages the fertility cycle

  • Ovalert’s high-tech sensors detect cow behaviour (eating, rumination, stand, lying, heat behaviour)
  • Ovalert converts these signals into management information such as:
    • Heat alerts
    • Advice on optimal moment of insemination
    • Alerts to abnormal cow behaviour (health risks)
    • Individual cow analysis
    • Group and herd analysis
  • Valuable managment information can be viewed through multiple devices

  1. The Smarttag registers the movement and behaviour of the individual animal. Data collected in the last 24 hours is stored in the Smarttag.
  2. When the animals are within the range of the antenna, all data from the Smarttag is collected.
  3. The ID controller transmits the collected data to the heart of the system: the process controller which continually analyses the data.
  4. The analysis results can be viewed on your smartphone, tablet or PC. The system immediately provides an alert relating to heat detection, abnormalities in the eating or rumination pattern and abnormalities in standing-lying behaviour or inactivity.
  5. Beacons in the barn send signals to all tags regarding their current location in the barn.


Fewer health issues

  • Health signals will be detected (especially important in the transition period)
  • Lower risk of sick cows and heifers
  • Lower health costs and lower culling
  • Higher average herd age
  • Extra milk/cow, higher efficiency

Better fertility results

  • Optimal detection of heat
  • Insemination at the right moment
  • Higher conception rate
  • Lower fertility costs and optimal calving interval
  • Extra milk/cow, higher efficiency

An animal with normal behaviour each day shows:

12-14 hours lying time, 11 lying periods, 2500-3000 steps, 4-6 hours eating, 9-14 meals, 7-10 hours of rumination per day

More information? Download the brochure below!

I directly notice the reduced calving interval in the costs!
Dairy farmer Jaap Formsma, Scherpenzeel, The Netherlands

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