Product benefits

  • web-based
  • all sires can be included
  • possible to create bull packages

Breeding is investing in the future and SireMatch will help you to make the right breeding decisions. CRV’s new breeding program is suitable for all modern herds’ needs and for every breeding goal, for every breed and for every cow. SireMatch finds the best unbiased mating.

SireMatch for every farm and farmer

CRV ’s mating program can be used everywhere and anytime. SireMatch has three levels and there will be one that suits every dairy farm.

The web-based SireMatch GO module is very easy to use and flexible. It is particularly suitable for farms without any official herd data. The user can fill in known pedigrees and, based on the customised breeding goal, reliable advice is given. Inbreeding can be restricted and genetic defects will be excluded. SireMatch GO can take care of problem traits within the herd.

SireMatch Select is also web based and results in a socalled ‘pedigree mating’. Based on the users’ customised breeding goal and problem traits, advice will be given that’s based on the animal data (from the management system or herdbook) which is uploaded into the system. The reliability of the outcome is very high as SireMatch uses up to five generations, which are in the data file. Genetic defects are excluded and inbreeding is minimised.

The most advanced module of SireMatch combines the pedigree information with linear scoring traits. Scoring can be done using a PDA application. In the web-based PRO module a customised breeding goal can be made and problem traits are taken into account. Genetic defects are excluded and inbreeding is minimised. Extensive reports are at the user’s disposal.

Standard breeding goals

In every version of SireMatch the user can use one of the six standard breeding goals. Naturally it is possible to make a customised breeding goal. Five traits that require attention can be added and the program will take extra care to improve these traits. So corrective mating is made easy!

The all-round breeding goal is focussed on breeding a durable, healthy and productive cow. Production and conformation are given equal weighting.

The breeding goal ‘production’ emphasises production traits like milk, fat content and protein content. Conformation and health traits are weighed equally.

Functional type
Functional type puts extra emphasises on the functional conformation traits like udder and feet and legs. A functional cow is a durable problem-free cow.

Show type
The breeding goal ‘show type’ focuses strongly on conformation, particularly frame and udder.

Longevity & health
This breeding goal emphasises longevity and health traits like fertility, udder health and the hoof health index. Within the conformation block, feet and legs and udder are important.

Pasture based
The pasture-based breeding goal is suitable for seasonal grazing systems or herds that want problem- free cows with good fertility. Durability and health are the main focus, as well as components. Fertility is given a lot of emphasis.

Web based
SireMatch is completely web based and very easy to use. Sire data files are maintained centrally and always up to date. The program is regularly updated and new versions are installed immediately. SireMatch needs no additional software to be installed locally.

Cow groups and bull packages
Multiple cow groups can be used within SireMatch. For example when a farm uses different breeds or wants to use specific bulls only on a certain part of the herd, this option can be very useful. Other reasons to make cow groups can be the size of the farm or the use of multiple breeding goals within one herd. Because specific breeding goals and bull packages are selected per cow group, farmers are able to get a customised mating advice per cow group.

Breeds and crossbreeding
A unique feature of SireMatch is that it can give advice for every breed and every breeding value base. Moreover SireMatch supports crossbreeding between breeds!

Minimize breeding risks
SireMatch uses all data available and makes sure that genetic defects are excluded. The user can easily adjust the maximum level of inbreeding. The reports give several sire recommendations.

Profit functions for each trait support the output of the optimal mating regarding your breeding goal. The mating advice is being presented in several reports with three possible matings. The user can also get a report of sires that should not be used.

SireMatch can run on a PDA or hand-held computer. Animals can be type scored using a PDA.

Genomic selection and sexed semen
SireMatch supports the use of InSire genomically selected young sires and SiryX sexed semen.

Unbiased matings
The programme gives a reliable advice and can include bulls from multiple suppliers.

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