10 daughter groups at CRV Event

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CRV will show 10 daughter groups during the coming CRV Event ‘A herd to your heart’. At the 11th of June these groups will show that good genetics are the most important in breeding an efficient and easy to manage herd.

All groups will be showed in the ring. Besides, the groups are also at the meeting place during the whole day. At the meeting place the groups are showed at the following themes:

The theme ‘longevity’ will show a demonstration group of older cows that have a high lifetime production (on average 100.000 kg of milk). All cows are good examples of the fact that it is possible to combine a good health, fertility, efficient production and a high longevity.
The Red&White bull Bruchter Passe (Kylian x Mr Burns) is a nice example of a bull that can be used for breeding a herd with a high longevity. He delivers good producers (+1089 kg) and very efficient cows with a high longevity (+589 days).

Delta Alonso is a Black&White bull that will get daughter breeding values in August. Based on the first promising results of his first daughters, CRV will show already a group of heifers. With +6% for Better Life Health Alonso inherits excellent management traits. Next to Alonso, CRV will also show a Fleckvieh group at the theme ‘Health’.

One of the many good qualities of Delta Atlantic (Ramos x O Man) is daughter fertility (104). Atlantic has been very popular for years due to his very fertile and healthy cows with a high longevity. CRV will show a group of second- and third lactation cows.
Next to Atlantic, also an MRIJ daughter group is shown at the theme ‘fertility’.

Breeding for efficiency or conformation? With Bouw Snowfever (Snowman x Goldwyn) both is possible. He inherits +12% for Better Life Efficiency and is, together with another CRV bull (Browning), the highest daughter tested Black&White bull for conformation.
Also the Red&White bull Cherokee van de Peul  (Fender x Goldwyn) fits in a breeding goal for efficiency, while this bull inherits +6% for Better Life Efficiency. CRV will show a daughter group of third- and fourth lactation cows.

The daughters of Willem’s Hoeve Browning (Snowman x Ramos) are very efficient (+10%) and give extremely high milk yields (+ 1894kg). He is also a fantastic bull for conformation (114). A daughter group of this bull cannot be absent at the CRV Event.
This also counts for Delta G-Force ( Man-O-Man x Jordan). G-Force stands for economy, he inherits next to much milk (+1015kg) also high components (+0,13% fat and +0,09% protein). CRV shows a daughter group with cows in their second lactation that produce very efficient.

The daughter groups and the demonstration groups are one of the many highlights during the coming CRV Event ‘A herd to your heart’. Other highlights are the election for ‘the best herd of the Netherlands’ and the election for ‘young herd manager of the year’.