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The breeding program that goes for gold

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Efficiency, components, health, conformation and fertility; CRV’s bulls are truly going for gold in August’s index run. In addition, many bulls are also achieving amazingly high scores for Better Life Health and Better Life Efficiency; breeding values that practical studies prove to lead to better performances and higher profitability. Danno, Browning, Antidote, Chuck and Nova Star are exemplary of bulls that place the bar high in breeding.

Among black-and-white bulls, Delta Bookem Danno (Bookem x Bolton, 345 NVI) is the first to start making a name for himself. Although he …

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Changes breeding value estimation August 2016

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Below an overview of the changes made in the national breeding value estimation and also an overview of the changes that are made in other countries.


The requirement for animals to have a reliability of at least 30% has become lower. From now on, animals need a reliability of at least 25% to get a breeding value.


International news

Slovakia, HOL: For calving ease (direct and maternal) the scale of the breeding values was reversed.



Germany, HOL: Bulls older than 17 months and not selected yet have been removed from the national e…

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Breeding in 2016: Efficient and easy

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‘Efficiency’ is one of the most important words in 2016. The April index run brings a wide range of bulls that transmit long-term and trouble-free production along with excellent udders and feet and legs. CRV bulls such as Finder, Browning, Snowfever and Brandy top the ranking lists.

As milk prices remain under pressure and farmers have to deal with restrictions on the number of animals that may be kept, one thing is clear: efficiency is key. These days, there is a need for bulls which maintain a flow of income in both good times and bad times. This index run brings very goo…

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